Puzzling Perfection

Place conveyor belts to solve puzzles in the world's most adorable donut factory! A dozen dozen dazzling donut dilemmas await you in this sweet pastel world with twelve different donut shapes, from jelly-filled to maple bars, pumpkins, stars, and more.

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Game Features

Image:Freshly Frosted
  • Puzzling Perfection: A dozen dozen dazzling donut dilemmas await you with mechanics like splitters, pushers, mergers, cloners, randomizers, teleporters, and more!
  • Delicious Donuts: Discover many a whimsical shape as you explore a sweet skyscape of pastry possibilities.
  • Sweet Satisfation: With pleasant pastels and mesmerizing machines the satisfying scenes will catch your ears with upbeat tunes.
  • Refreshing Relaxation: A calming voice over focused on positivity guides you through each puzzle with soothing and encouraging narration.