A Rhythmic Roadtrip

Drive and drift to the beat on a futuristic rhythm road trip where the skyline is always in sync. Every adventure is a unique playlist through branching paths as you explore pyramid-filled deserts, serene forests, and bustling urban environments, all to the beat of a warmly synthesized soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set.

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Game Features

  • Drive through a score-chasing rhythm game with a unique perspective
  • Cruise through 8 global regions and over 30 unique, hand-crafted tracks
  • Bounce, cruise, and chill with an original album from Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Navigate branching paths to design your own playlist for each adventure
  • Perfect your scores or go for a marathon road trip to truly test your endurance
  • Adapt your play experience by changing the music speed, input timing, marker location, and more

Awards & Recognition