It's Otter This World!

Revitalize your puzzle platforming adventures in ZERO GRAVITY!

Humanity has abandoned Earth to the sun and the trash, leaving all of the animal kingdom to fend for themselves. As temperatures rise and beach umbrellas just aren't doing the trick anymore, Charlie and his sea otter friends set out to design a space shuttle and follow the humans into space.

With no fuel, no map, and only a dream, help Charlie and his ragtag team find the resources they need to survive.

Watch out for rodent-hunting A.I.s! Humanity's last gift to animal kind, after a failed experiment involving space rats, is a repurposed computer system that malfunctions and identifies EVERY animal as a rodent - and otters are not rodents!

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Game Features

Image:Space Otter Charlie
  • Zero Gravity Environments: Reimagine your jump mechanics and think in 3D to make it through these levels.
  • Equipment Upgrades: Collect spare parts to create new weapons and upgrade old ones.
  • Educational: Each loading screen shows a randomized fact about sea otters!
  • Accessible Puzzles: Enjoy a satisfying learning curve as you incorporate each new piece of equipment into your puzzle solving.
  • Local Multiplayer: Play with your friends in arena mode!
  • Fun for Everyone: Appropriate for all ages and families. Imagine seeing a family movie with jokes for the parents too; that's Space Otter Charlie!